Cheering on women on their journey

Hi, I’m Sarah.

Owner & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I’m passionate about helping women to live authentic, empowered and connected lives. If you’re here intentionally or have just stumbled upon my page, WELCOME and I’m glad you’re here. I welcome women of all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, spiritual beliefs and sexual orientations.

It is my privilege & passion to walk with women on their journey to wholeness and healing.  

Here are the brave & courageous women I often see in my office:

WOMEN on the often bumpy, often painful journey to motherhood

You are near and dear to my heart and it is my absolute privilege to share this space with you.

MAMAS in the thick of motherhood

There is not much that can bring you to your knees like MOTHERHOOD, am I right? Do you ever feel like in giving so much to others you’ve lost sight of who you are? Together, we wrestle with the hard & the messy to find JOY in the chaos.

The ADOPTION and FOSTER CARE communities

As an adoptive mother myself, I believe with every ounce of my being that it does not matter in what ways your babies come – only that you love them. And while this journey is such a beautiful one, on the path to healing there is often pain & heartache. Together we lean in to help you cultivate peace in your heart & home.

WOMEN craving deep & meaningful connection with themselves and others

Maybe you feel as if you’re constantly battling stress and overwhelm. Maybe painful events of the past are holding you hostage. Maybe you’re constantly feeling as if you should do, be or achieve more. Maybe you’re just feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward. Whatever the reason may be, these things have a sneaky way of leaving us feeling disconnected from ourselves and our people and completely stealing our JOY. We will work together to bring you WHOLENESS & HEALING.

I’m here to help.

I offer a safe place for you to be real and vulnerable. No need for guilt or apologies here. Just a compassionate space where we wrestle with life and all its messiness. We’ll work together to bring you peace and wholeness – it is possible, even in the most unlikely of places.

My Approach

Take your shoes off, get comfy and we’ll get to work! I offer a safe place for you to be real and vulnerable. No need for guilt or apologies here. Just a compassionate space where we wrestle with life and all its messiness.

Acceptance and Integration Training® (AAIT™)

AAIT™ is not traditional talk therapy; therefore, we will not spend much time exploring the WHY of the problem. Similarly, you will not be required to provide a detailed narrative of life’s painful past in order to experience healing.

It begins with a phone call!


Free Phone Consultation

Before scheduling an appointment we will take a few moments to connect, collaborate and set intentions for our time together.

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Before I started working with Sarah I was in bad shape emotionally. I had recently gone through a relationship break-up, not of my choosing, that had left me feeling rejected, abandoned, betrayed and lonely. Certain encounters and recurring memories would send me into an emotional tailspin. I was bordering on serious depression. As a result of my sessions with Sarah, I am no longer on an emotional roller coaster. The persistent turmoil is gone. Situations which previously precipitated a negative emotional reaction no longer have a drastic effect on me. I am able to process situations without a severe emotional charge. I now have an inner calm and no longer feel tossed and battered by things over which I have no control anyway. I am happier than I have been in a long, long time. I would definitely recommend Sarah to other people. She is extremely competent, compassionate and seems to possess an intuitive understanding of life, love and the human condition. I felt completely comfortable with Sarah from the moment we met.

- Actual Client

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