My Approach

Take your shoes off, get comfy and we’ll get to work! I offer a safe place for you to be real and vulnerable. No need for guilt or apologies here. Just a compassionate space where we wrestle with life and all its messiness. We will collaborate, share some laughs, and occasionally a few tears. Most importantly, we will work together to bring you peace and wholeness – it IS possible even in the most unlikely of places.

I’m dedicated to working hard for you during our time together. I want to help you realize your goals and for you to get the maximum benefit from our sessions. In order to do this, I ask my clients to come prepared and ready to work. We will spend about ten minutes getting clear on your goals and the rest of the time will be spent engaging in Acceptance and Integration Training processes (a cutting-edge approach to therapy and by far the most effective way I have found to help my clients feel better). These processes are simple and easy to follow and I will be there guiding you and cheering you on every step of the way!

During our time together, it is always my intention for you to walk out feeling better than you did when you arrived. I continually strive for this because you spend valuable time and resources to be here. You have come to me because you’re ready for true and lasting change – I want that for you and have just the tools to get you there!

If you are ready for AUTHENTIC & LIFE-CHANGING transformation, this is for you. So let’s get started, shall we?

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